Introduction to Programming the Xeon Phi Processor (November 2015)

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Name Introduction to Programming the Xeon Phi Processor (November 2015)
Description Introduction to Intel's Xeon Phi processor for scientific computing
Type of event Course
Location Stockholm (PDC)
Start date 2015-11-24
End date 2015-11-24

Course overview

The Intel Xeon Phi is a new coprocessor supporting high performance computing with familiar programming models like OpenMP and MPI. The next technology generation will make it available even as a main processor for computer systems.

This training introduces to the processor architecture and its programming.

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Programming in C, C++ or Fortran
  • Knowledge in programming with OpenMP and MPI recommended but not compulsory

Course web page and registration

For more information and registration, go to PDC's website, please.