Introduction to Kebnekaise, 2022-09-15, HPC2N/UmU

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Name Introduction to Kebnekaise, 2022-09-15, HPC2N/UmU
Description Introduction to Kebnekaise
Type of event Course
Location Umeå
Start date 2022-09-15
End date 2022-09-15

Course overview

We begin with a short (optional) introduction to the Linux operating system that is used on HPC2N's compute clusters. Then, we continue with a walk-through of the Kebnekaise system, including the GPUs and KNLs. After lunch, we go through the module system and take a brief look at how to submit jobs. During the hands-on you will get the opportunity to try loading modules, compile a program, and submit a job to the Kebnekaise cluster.

The course will be completely online and we will use Zoom.

Participation is open to all existing and prospective users of HPC from Swedish institutions.


  • Introduction to Linux for beginners
  • Introduction to HPC2N, Kebnekaise and High Performance Computing
  • How to use our systems
  • File Systems
  • The Module System, including Compiler Tool Chains
  • The Batch System (SLURM)
  • Examples and hands-on

Course web page and registration

For more information and registration refer to the [

course webpage]