Intel development / HPC tools (HPC2N, May 2016)

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Name Intel development / HPC tools (HPC2N, May 2016)
Description Intel development / HPC tools
Type of event Course
Location Umeå (HPC2N)
Start date 2016-05-18
End date 2016-05-19

Seminar Location

Umeå Universitet, MIT Building, room MA176 (18 May) / MA166 (19 May)

Seminar overview

HPC2N and Intel would like to welcome you to a two day training in the following Intel tools: Composer XE, Advisor XE, and VTune Amplifier XE. In addition an overview of using OpenMP 4 will be given.

The focus will be on usage on a single compute node (not a whole cluster).

There will be hands-on training in using the tools, and in how to use them on your own codes.

Seminar web page and registration