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; [[Help:Editing|Editing help]]
; [[Help:Editing|Editing help]]
: Help with syntax, formatting and other practicalities.
: Help with syntax, formatting and other practicalities.
== Semantic mediawiki extension ==
The snicdocs wiki uses the [http://semantic-mediawiki.org semantic mediawiki] extension, which enables nifty things like dynamic generation of lists, tables and mashups based on tagged data in ordinary wiki pages. The annotation is unobtrusive, e.g:
: I am competent with <nowiki>[[expertise::Python]]</nowiki>.
to note that this page (or rather the person described by this page) is competent in Python. The search/generate syntax is equally straightforward
: <nowiki>{{#ask: [[Category:Software]] [[Category:Bioinformatics]] |?centre }}</nowiki>
However, we must not let nomenclature run rampant and diverge (see: the problem with the semantic web). See [[#Naming protocol|naming protocol]] below.
=== Notice ===
In case the examples appear in red, or if you see similar broken links with double colons in them in other places on the wiki, '''''do not edit the links'''''. They appear because you have happened to come across the pages before we have managed to install the semantic mediawiki extension properly on our production server.  This problem should disappear very shortly, and if it persists beyond your definition of shortly, it may help to edit the page, do nothing, and click save, to prod mediawiki to regenerate the links. If nothing works, please notify [[User:Joel Hedlund (NSC)]].

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This page contains information on how one should edit this wiki, eg: best practices, protocols, templates and the like.

These pages are a highly recommended read:

Recommendations for editors
How to configure your account and to make sure your information gets displayed correctly.
Naming protocol
How to choose and spell names, terms, titles and the like.
Creating pages
Nifty stuff with templates and examples that will reduce the amount of work you'll have to do.
Categories and properties
What they are, how they are used, and how to create new ones.
Editing help
Help with syntax, formatting and other practicalities.