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|fields=Scientific computing
|fields=Scientific computing
|event type=Workshop
|event type=Workshop
|location=Lund (PDC)
|location=Room Fantum, KTH, Stockholm
|start date=2018-10-25
|start date=2018-10-25
|end date=2018-10-26
|end date=2018-10-26

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Name HPC Tools for the Modern Era (PDC, October 2018)
Description HPC Tools for the Modern Era
Type of event Workshop
Location Room Fantum, KTH, Stockholm
Start date 2018-10-25
End date 2018-10-26

In collaboration with PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, PDC/SNIC is offering a two-day workshop focusing on modern tools in HPC. The workshop will consist of the following four main modules.

HPC tips and tricks

- Basic and more advanced usage of clusters

- Tips and tricks for using HPC more efficiently

Jupyter Notebooks on the cluster

- Effective and interactive visualization and post-processing

- Running parallel analysis pipelines in Python

Singularity containers

- Everything you need to know about containers: how to build them, share them, and run them on HPC clusters

Improving your code with ARM Forge

- A tutorial in profiling and debugging HPC applications at scale

Most of the lessons will be interactive where short presentations and type-along demos alternate with hands-on exercises.

For further information and registration, please visit https://www.pdc.kth.se/about/events/workshops/pdc-prace-workshop-hpc-tools-for-the-modern-era-1.842504