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|fields=plotting utility
|fields=plotting utility
{{PAGENAME}} is a {{#show: {{PAGENAME}} |?description}}.
{{PAGENAME}} is a {{#show: {{PAGENAME}} |?description}}.

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Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven graphing utility.


These experts have registered specific competence on this subject:

  FieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Johan Raber (NSC)NSCComputational chemistry50


AbiskoHPC2Ncapability resource of 153 TFLOPS with full bisectional infiniband interconnect
AkkaHPC2Ncapability cluster resource of 54 TFLOPS with infiniband interconnect
AlarikLUNARCthroughput cluster resource of 40 TFLOPS
BedaC3SEthroughput cluster resource
KappaNSCthroughput cluster resource of 26 TFLOPS
MatterNSCcluster resource of 37 TFLOPS dedicated to materials science
PlatonLUNARCthroughput cluster resource of 26 TFLOPS
TriolithNSCCapability cluster with 338 TFLOPS peak and 1:2 Infiniband fat-tree


License: Free.