Getting started with SweGrid

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This document is a short overview of the articles that can help you getting started with using the grid-resources provided by SweGrid.

Note that the articles linked to below are not meant as a replacement for documentation found at the NorduGrid Web-site, but as a complement. These articles also provide documentation on SweGrid specific usage.

An index over all articles regarding the Grid can be found on the Grid computing category page.

ARC client installation
To submit jobs to the Grid, you must have the ARC client installed on your desktop or laptop.
Grid certificates
Authentication for Grid resources is handled by Grid certificates. This article describes how to request and use a Grid certificate.
Using SweGrid resources
Covers the basic steps for setting up and submitting a job to the Grid.
Application examples
Article showing various examples.
Accessing Swestore with the ARC client
Describes the basic steps, such as copying files, listing files, etc.
ARC developer guide
Instructions for ARC developers