Exporting a client certificate from Firefox

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To use the Terena certificates with the ARC grid client they have to be exported from the browser and converted into a suitable format. To export and convert a certificate installed the following procedure can be used:

1. Export the installed certificate in the PKCS12 format. On Mac OSX, select both the private key and the certificate by clicking them while holding the apple key, then right click one of them and select "Export 2 items..." and save as DELETE_ME.p12 in a good location. In Firefox this is accomplished from the Options -> Advanced -> Encryption or Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption Dialog (depending on OS/Version), shown below:


To show all installed certificate click on the "View Certificates" buttton. This will shown the following dialog:


To backup your newly created certificate select the Terena certificate and click on the "Backup" button in the previous dialog. This brings up a dialog for selecting a filename and location for the certificate. Save your certificate as DELETE_ME.p12 in a good location. The file with be given the extension .p12 indicating that it is a PKCS12 certificate. When the location has been selected another dialog is shown asking for a export password. This password will protect the certificate and private key. As shown in the next figure:


Use the password quality meter to choose a strong password for the exported certificate and private key. In Chrome the procedure is pretty much identical except that the "Export..." button is found by going to the Chrome Settings, clicking "Under the Hood" in the sidebar and then the "Manage Certificates..." button.