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{{PAGENAME}} is {{#show: Category:{{PAGENAME}}|?description}}.
{{PAGENAME}} is {{#show: Category:{{PAGENAME}}|?description}}.
== Experts ==
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== Experts ==
== Experts ==

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Empty strings are not accepted. Climate research is application of computer science methods to study the Earth's climate.


  FieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Hamish Struthers (NSC)NSCClimate research80Users support focused on weather and climate codes.


CDOFreedata analysis
CESM1Freeglobal climate model
EC-EarthFreeglobal climate model
NCAR diagnostic packagesFreeclimate model diagnostics
NCLFreeanalysis and visualization
NCOFreedata analysis
NorESMFreeglobal climate model

How to's: Triolith

Triolith user guide.
Applying for SNIC allocations on triolith: apply for resources.
Job submission and monitoring, SLURM commands: quick start user guide
Building CESM1.1 on the NSC triolith system
Building NorESM (CMIP5) on the NSC triolith system
Building EC-Earth3 on the NSC triolith system
EC-Earth and CESM1 model timings
Building interpinic tool for interpolation of land initial conditions for the CESM1.1 model

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