Building and testing WRF on Triolith

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This page describes the compiling and testing of the WRF v371 model on NSC's triolith system (Triolith). Source code can be downloaded from the WRF page ([1]) after filling in a registration form.

The notes below refer to compiling and testing version 3.7.1 of the model.

1. Ensure the correct intel compiler, HDF5 and netcdf modules are loaded using:

module load buildenv-intel/2015-1
module load hdf5/1.8.14-i1403-impi-
module load netcdf/4.3.2-i1403-impi-

2. Set appropriate HDF5 and netcdf environmeot variables:

export PHDF5=/software/apps/hdf5/1.8.14/i1403-impi-
export NETCDF=/software/apps/netcdf/4.3.2/i1403-impi-

3. Configure the model. In the WRF base folder (WRF3):


If you are using/testing the 3D version of the model, choose option 16

If you are using/testing the 2D version of the model, choose option 13 (serial). For the 2D case, at this point the configure.wrf file also needs to be edited - lines 241-244 should appear as:

                     -L$(WRF_SRC_ROOT_DIR)/external/io_netcdf -lwrfio_nf -L/software/apps/netcdf/4.3.2/i1403-impi- -lnetcdff -lnetcdf   \
                     -L/software/apps/intel/composer_xe_2015.1.133/compiler/lib/intel64 -liomp5

4. Compile the model:

./compile -j 4 wrf

5. Compile test case (see README_test_cases), e.g. 3D quarter-circle sheer supercell

./compile em_quarter_ss

6. After a successful build, go to the specific test directory, e.g.:

cd test/em_quarter_ss

and run the initialization (ideal.exe) followed by the simulation (wrf.exe).

  • 3D case

The model should be launched using NSC's mpprun MPI launch application. The model can be tested using an interactive session e.g.

interactive -N 1 -A <your-SNCI-project-code> -t 01:00:00
mpprun ideal.exe
mpprun wrf.exe

or by submitting a run script to the batch queue system on Triolith e.g. run script:

#SBATCH -t 01:00:00
#SBATCH -A <your-SNCI-project-code>
mpprun ideal.exe
mpprun wrf.exe

More information regarding running applications on Triolith.

  • 2D case

For the 2D case, the serial code can be launched directly e.g. ./ideal.exe however note that you should still run jobs within an interactive session:

interactive -n 1 -A <your-SNCI-project-code> -t 01:00:00

or through Triolith's batch system.