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[[Category:SweStore user guide]]
[[Category:Swestore user guide]]
[[Swestore|< Swestore]]
[[Swestore|< Swestore]]
Swestore is available for researchers financed by VR (which includes all researchers using SNIC compute resources) and FORMA.
Please see http://www.snic.se/apply-for-resources/instructions-for-swestore-allocations
'''The problem with lack of resources has now been solved. Currently we are in an approval process for a new usage policy. Swestore will shortly (June 2016) open for new projects. '''
= Research Communities =
Swestore is also in collaboration with [http://www.ecds.se/ ECDS], [http://snd.gu.se/ SND], [http://www.bioimaging.se/swedish_bioimaging_network/Welcome.html Bioimage], [http://www.bils.se/ BILS], [http://www.uppnex.uu.se/ UPPNEX],[http://wlcg.web.cern.ch/ WLCG], [http://www.nrm.se/ Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet]. If any of these cover your research area, first read their information on applying for Swestore storage.
== UPPNEX ==
If you are a member of an UPPNEX project on UPPMAX, an iRODS service is already available and configured for you, please see http://www.uppmax.uu.se/faq/how-to-move-files-to-swestore-using-irods for more information on how to use it.

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