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[[Category:SweStore user guide]]
[[Category:Swestore user guide]]
Swestore is in collaboration with [http://www.ecds.se ECDS], [http://snd.gu.se SND], Bioimage, [http://www.bils.se BILS], [http://www.uppnex.uu.se UPPNEX],[http://http://lcg.web.cern.ch/lcg/public/ WLCG], [http://www.nrm.se/ Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet]. If any of these cover your research area, first read their information on applying for SweStore storage. In the future, applications for storage will be handled by each research community, but for now an email to [mailto:swestore-support@snic.vr.se swestore-support@snic.vr.se] will suffice.
[[Swestore|< Swestore]]
Please include the following information:
Please see http://www.snic.se/apply-for-resources/instructions-for-swestore-allocations
* Name of the principal investigator (PI).
* Purpose for the storage: A short description of the project and type of data.
* Required storage capacity: Preferably a maximum size, but if this is not currently determinable, please calculate a starting size and expansion by time period. *NOTE* that applications larger than 10TB takes longer to process.
* Suggested project name: This will be used as root directory name for your storage. *NOTE* that this name is long-lived and will persist. It is not coupled to the lifetime of SNIC compute time allocations.

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