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[[Category:SweStore user guide]]
[[Category:Swestore user guide]]
Swestore is in collaboration with [http://www.ecds.se ECDS], [http://snd.gu.se SND], Bioimage, [http://www.bils.se BILS], [http://www.uppnex.uu.se UPPNEX],[http://http://lcg.web.cern.ch/lcg/public/ WLCG], [http://www.nrm.se/ NaturHistoriska RiksMuseet]. If any of these cover your research area, first read their information on applying for SweStore storage.
[[Swestore|< Swestore]]
In the future, applications for storage will be handled by each research community, but for now an email to [mailto:swestore-support@snic.vr.se swestore-support@snic.vr.se] will suffice. Please include the following information:
Please see http://www.snic.se/apply-for-resources/instructions-for-swestore-allocations
* Name of the principal investigator (PI).
* Purpose for the storage: A short description of the project and type of data.
* Required storage capacity: Preferably a maximum size, but if this is not currently determinable, please calculate a starting size and expansion by time period.
* Suggested project name: This will be used as root directory name for your storage.

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