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Name Alarik
Description throughput cluster resource of 40 TFLOPS
Resource type compute
Is active no
Start date February 2012
End date   March 2016

Available software

Software Field License Description
ACML System tool
Numerical library
Requires license efficient mathematics library
ARC client Grid computing
Free tool for accessing the Grid resources
Comsol Computational materials science
Computational fluid dynamics
Site license Commercial Mulitphysics Similation software
DDT System tool Site license Debugger
FFTW Computational science
Performance library
Free Freely available high performance library to perform fast Fourier transformations
GNU compiler collection System tool Free compiler collection for a number of languages including C, C++ and Fortran
GROMACS Molecular dynamics
Computational chemistry
Free versatile package for molecular dynamics
Gaussian Computational chemistry Site license widely used quantum chemistry software
Gnuplot Visualisation Free portable command-line driven graphing utility
Intel MPI System tool Site license MPI library
Intel compiler suite System tool Site license compilers for C, C++ and Fortran
MKL System tool Site license efficient mathematics library
Matlab Visualisation
Programming language
Site license programming language with extensive plotting and graphics functionalities
Octave Scientific computing
Free numerical computation and visualisation language
Open MPI System tool Free open source MPI library
OpenFOAM Computational fluid dynamics Free free, open source CFD software package by OpenCFD Ltd
PGI System tool Site license compiler suite
POV-Ray Visualisation Free render high-quality images of three dimensional objects
Quantum Espresso Computational materials science
Computational chemistry
Free DFT based electronic structure modeling codes
R Scientific computing
Programming language
Free statistical computing and visualisation language.
SWIG Free wrap fast libraries for use in high level languages
Scalasca Performance optimisation
Parallel programming
Computational science
Free Performance profiler for parallel applications
SciPy Scientific computing Free open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering.


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